Saturday, March 2, 2013

Supers And Sci-Fi in 2013 Part 2!

Hello Hunters! Welcome back to your best source for must see action and sci-fi in the coming year. We rounded out our last list with June's Man of Steel and Kick Ass 2. Time was that would composed the two biggest films of the summer, but no longer. So, with no further adieu; I give you the second part of our list.

Many of you, like me, grew up watching reruns of radio and comic book inspired television. July brings us the Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp headlined The Lone Ranger. Disney's $250,000,000 blockbuster hopes not to be next summers "John Carter" as it brings a new twist to the age old tale of Ranger Reid and Tonto. A refreshing supernatural twist makes Reid into somewhat of an "indestructible" man, rescued from the grave by Tonto and reunited with his trusty steed Silver. Galloping onto your screens this July 5th.

From the writer/director/producer that brought us Mimic, Blade 2, Hellboy, Pans Labyrinth, and the world of The Hobbit; comes Pacific Rim. A no holds barred monsters vs. machine throw down like only Del Toro can deliver. Splashing into your local theater come July 12, 2013.

About a year and a half ago I was getting back into comics and a friend was telling me about some stuff I had never even heard of. In fact, even after doing some research, I had a hard time locating some of the more interesting sounding books. But, I was persistent and found a short series on ebay that went by the title R.I.P.D. Rest In Peace Department stars Ryan Reynolds as Nick Walker, a recently departed detective that joins Jeff Bridges as Roy Pulsipher, for one last case before he retires to heaven. This last case leads them right into the pits of hell and unforeseen connections to Walkers murder. R.I.P.D. will be in theaters on July 19th. No trailer of photo's have been released, but heres the comic con teaser for you. (Be sure to pick up the first issue of the prequel comic, R.I.P.D.: City of the Damned at your local comic book shop.)

I love movies. I love comic book movies. Because of this; I can be really forgiving compared to many fanboys out there. One of these films that I have been taken to task for enjoying has been X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Yes, it was flawed but I enjoyed it for what it was. Now all of that being said, every fanboy I know is waiting on pins and needles for The Wolverine. This promises to take us further into the darkness that many of us have ever been before. And what's not to love? Wolverine and Japan were made for each other. Wolverine arrives in your town come July 26th.

I really don't know how I feel about this next one. 300: Rise of an Empire comes charging across our screens in IMAX 3D on August 2nd. A picture that has been fraught with rumors and rewrites before finally doing what they should have done all along and settling on the comic, Xerxes, written by the graphic novel maestro Frank Miller. Why they didn't just call it that I'll never know. But, i'll reserve judgement until I see the trailer...

Finally... Last but certainly not least I come to this summers guilty pleasure. I have been reading this book series since I discovered the first in a bargain bin about two years ago. Cassandra Clare has captivated millions the world over with her best selling series of novels for teens and adults alike. The Mortal Instruments is now in it's fifth installment and has already spawned a bestselling prequel series known as The Infernal Devices and she has recently signed a deal for a further series entitled The Dark Artifices. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones sees a our heroin thrust into a world she has been told her whole life doesn't exist... I'll let the trailer speak for itself.

Well fellow hunters, that's all for now. As they release more of the trailers for the second half of the summer i'll be sure to post them. Stay tuned for more news and great lists. Until then, Happy Hunting!

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